Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Colors by Llarowe "Best Day Of My Life"

I don't know what kind of magical genius that Llarowe thinks she is, but I do know that if you own any of her polishes you know what I'm talking about. She does a lovely range of finishes including glitters, shimmers, cremes, holos, multi holos, any kind of amazing awesomeness you can imagine in the polish world- she does it. I have, from her core collection, "Best Day Of My Life" and it is no exception to my previous statements! 

Do you see that gorgeous pink/coppery shift just bouncing out of the purpley-blue holographic base (yes, I used the word "purpley")? I mean c'mon! That's some serious polish-wizard sorcery.

Here you see the shift from each stage.

I don't know that there are words to express the level of love I have for this polish. As I was painting my nails I kept saying "must.". The formula. as per usual, is just a breeze to use. And although I have nubbins I found the wider brush to be fairly simple to apply with. I used 2 coats in these pictures but you can honestly get away with 1. 2 just feels right to me! It also dried very fast and as a momma I appreciate that.

Aaannnd last but not least, some shots to show the mind boggling holo! Tang.

I'm not trying to enable people, or to force to buy this... but I am fairly certain there is going to be another preorder soon involving these beauties and you know you want to buy all the polish anyways! Check out the lovely polishes you could be buying here at her website. I'd love to hear what pretties you own from Llarowe and which ones you're planning to get!

Thank you for reading <3