Friday, March 28, 2014

Darling Diva Polish- One of a kind Sample #29

Today I have a very special, one of a kind polish from Darling Diva Polish in the form of Sample #29. I don't like to taunt and tease you with unattainable polishes, so I will reveal the silver lining before I talk about how glorious this lovely is. Darling Diva has been offering up OOAK samples on Fridays (with a few gaps in between) for a little while now so you too have a chance to snag a special bottle of polish for yourself, yay!!
Now on to the lacquer at hand (hehe, it really is on my hands!). Sample #29 is flecked with violet flakes all suspended in a bright icy blue holographic polish. I loved that the holo was so strong and that the presence of the violet flakes didn't drown out the flame.
Here is 2 coats topped with one coat of fast dry top coat. You can really see just how holo this baby is, and if you look at the bottle in this photo you can see the violet flecks glinting throughout.

Once I got this baby in the sunshine the color just came to life. I love what a perfect and unique blue this was, I certainly own nothing like it in my stash!

And while the flakies were coy in the sunshine, I can say they were most definitely present in regular, indoor lighting.
See the sparks? Eeee, I love it!
I just adored the vibrancy of this polish and how the purple flakes just kicked it up to the next level. Application was a breeze and dry time was on spot. Don't forgot that while this is a one of a kind, Darling Diva does restock these on random Friday's so be sure to like them on Facebook and keep your peepers peeled on their Big Cartel site! Until next time!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics "Literary Lady"

*Press sample, this polish was provided to me for my honest opinion and review*

Well hello there readers! I have a delectable little treat for you today in the form of a perfect lacquer from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics called "Literary Lady".  Not only is Literary Lady a super sexy holo, it's also an effortless shifter dancing from a reddish color, sort of pinkish, to a firey orange. I so loved wearing this as I am a sucker for insane shifters plus holo! Let me shut my trap and show you the glory!

These first two pictures show 2 coats with a quick dry top coat! I love how you can get the holo and shift to come out and play even without the sun.

This last one is all outdoor lighting directly in the sun. This polish is such a stunner in any lighting you put it in.
Aaaaaannnnd a bonus shot! This one is obviously not the best lighting or quality, but I wanted to do an underwater picture to show just how shifty Literary Lady truly is.
As far as application goes, this one was just as great as all my other CNC's. I did experience some bubbling but I re-swatched it and discovered it was my new top coat, so boo on that. All photos show 2 coats with a quick dry top coat. Keep an eye on Emily's shop Carpe Noctem Cosmetics  because I thiiiiiiink she's getting ready to open the flood gates any day now! Thanks for reading. Until next time! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer "Plume and Bloom"

*Press sample, this polish was provided to me for my honest review*

Today I have for you another Octopus Party Nail Lacquer. As I mentioned in my last review, you can find all the awesome goodness that Dave has over at his Etsy store! As a relatively new brand, I was impressed by the quality, level of professionalism, and obvious care Dave has put into his lacquers.
Now on to the pretty polish! I had the pleasure of reviewing "Plume and Bloom" which is described as "a fine mix of chartreuse, lavender, and rose" on the Etsy listing and is a microglitter. The color mix is fun enough for an exciting manicure, but also tame enough to sport in a professional setting. I'm sensing a theme of versatility in Octopus Party and I really, really like it!
PLEASE NOTE: I have used this polish in the following photos as both a glitter topper, and as a micro glitter built to full capacity!
Here is Plume and Bloom as a topper on my pointer, middle, and pinky over Essie "Sand Tropez". The ring finger is just 2 coats all on its own. All fingers have 1 coat of top coat. The mix is just so classy I can't stand it.
Here's the same manicure in the direct sunlight. I love how you can see the glints of gold really well once you expose them to sunbeams!
As far as dry time and quality goes, Plume and Bloom is excellent. I didn't need to slather it in a ton of top coat, just one quick layer and my nail was as smooth as glass. It was so jammed packed with glitter so I was pleasantly surprised when it applied like a dream. Keep your peepers open for more fantasticalness (oh yeah!) from Dave over at his store, Octopus Party Nail Lacquer. Until next time! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer "Solar Powered"

*Press sample, these polishes were provided to me for my honest review*
Hello there! Today I have a new-to-the-scene brand called "Octopus Party Nail Lacquer". If you jump over to their Etsy (ahem) you'll find some awesome microglitters, glitter toppers, a crème, and even a holo! I had the pleasure of reviewing two, one of which was "Solar Powered". Solar Powered is described as "a steel gray / blue jelly packed with luminous glitter" on the Etsy listing. I loved the versatility of this polish as either a topper or a squishy jelly all on its own. I found the application to be smooth, and the dry time to be perfect. The formula was what you would expect of a jelly polish and I found it to be easy to work with.
PLEASE NOTE: I used it as a layering polish AND on it's own to show the versatility of this gorgeous lacquer.
Here is 2 coats of "Solar Powered" layered over Zoya "Natty" on my pointer, middle, and pinky. For my ring finger I have used 3 coats on its own to show you how squishy and sparkly it is as a jelly polish. P.S. I absolutely adore the bottles! Look at that label. So professional, which I totally appreciate

And here's the same manicure, just in the sun to show all the twinkly, sparkly goodness suspended in Solar Powered.

I absolutely love how I can bust this out for a jelly look or as a layering polish. If you wanna snag some of these pretties head on over to Octopus Party Nail Lacquer and scoop them up. I love when a new brand comes to the scene with some awesomeness to offer and I look forward to seeing what Dave comes up with in the future. Until next time!  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics- a duo forged in love.

*Press sample, these polishes were provided to me for my honest opinion*

Hello there lovely people! Today I have for you 2 gorgeous polishes from Emily over at Carpe Noctem Cosmetics. She's still currently on the mend from spinal surgery so her shop isn't open back up just yet, but I wanted to tantalize you with some of her stunning polishes.

First up is her Valentines Duo (yes, I know it's super late but these polishes are just so gorgeous and perfect for all year wear!). I immediately fell in love with this first one I am gonna show you, and boy is it a doozy. It's so glowy and holo and temptressy (yay for made up words!). Without further ado, here is "Calypso".

There's something so ethereal to me about this polish. It's got a lovely holographic finish, but it's not overcome by a metallic sort of presence. It literally glows and has such a perfect shine that I didn't even reach for my topcoat. Dry time was impeccable and the formula was smooth and not streaky at all. The only fault I found with this polish is that it sucked me into some sort of glowing, holographic vortex for about 10 minutes in my car and caused me to be late for work ;). Much to my dismay, the sun was not out for Calypso to play in, but the holo shined so perfectly for me in my lighting and in cloud coverage I didn't care. Here's one more shot for the road.
Ahhh yeah.
Now, onto the crelly, creamy goodness that is "Venus In Love". I absolutely cannot say enough good about this adorable polish. It's in a light, milky lavender base and is flecked with holographic pigment, iridescent glitters, red hearts, all kinds of black, red, and various other glitters in all shapes and sizes.

Here I've used 3 coats for full coverage all on its own. You could totally use undies if you wanted, I just really was looking to show the integrity of the polish quality and that it's buildable. I smoothed it out with one coat of top coat and that's that :)
And here is Venus in the sunlight!

I'm not too sure on the availability of this lovely duo, but hopefully Emily will feel better soon (not just for her customers sake, more so for her own!) and she will open shop again.
Until next time!