Thursday, April 10, 2014

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics "Paint Uranus Pink"

Hi hello! Today I have a hilariously dirty named polish from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics called "Paint Uranus Pink" (teehee). It is a magnificently pinkish magenta holo that takes off in the sun! The best part of all? I think I may be a convert. Pink has forever hated me, cursed me, and even mocked me...up until now! The conversion to pink loving is a process, I think. I was super hesitant on this one because it's perfection in the bottle, but sometimes on a pale gal such as myself pink can get a bit, erm... Lobsteresque! Not this baby.

Here is 2 coats (you could get away with a single generous coat, I just always do 2) of "Paint Uranus Pink" with a layer of topcoat. The pink just soars on the vibrancy scale and I can't handle how lovely it glows. The formula is top notch as always with Carpe Noctems stuff.

Here it is being all flirty and shy in the shade! I love the punch this magenta holo packs. Even without the sun you can see how saturated a color this baby is!

Here it is just being a boss in the sunlight. This is by far the glowiest pink holo I have seen and it's such a fun color! Perfect for the spring to summer transition.

Too close for comfort? My B. I just wanted you to bask in the glow with me. Seriously, it feels magical. Keep an eye on Emily over at Carpe Noctem! She's got some excellent stuff just waiting for you to give a loving home to. Until next time!