Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Elevation Polish "The Med 2" meets Yeti

Hello there! 

Today I am bringing you a special post. An epic one if you will. I have combined to glorious Elevation Polish to develop a most wonderous manicure. Those of you that know me will probably know that I have a thing for seafoam, teals, turquoise etc. With that being said, the base for this manicure is "The Med 2". 

The shimmer in the base of "The Med 2" is just stunning. Not to mention the amazing turquoise/teal base.  If you're wondering, for the accent fingers I have used "Yeti Wears Givenchy and Versaci" which was a special giveaway polish I won! I loved the way these two elevations layered with each other. Plus, the stars are super cute and tiny (squee!). 

The pictures above show 2 coats of The Med 2 with topcoat and one quick coat of Yeti. Absolutely wonderful formula and application with both of these Elevations as usual! I feel like this mani is the perfect combo of summer and glamour. If you wanna check out Elevation Polish, go to http://www.elevationpolish.bigcartel.com and be prepared to drool heavily!