Friday, February 7, 2014

Pahlish "The Ghost Shift"

'Ello! Today I have for you one of my favorite ever indie brands out there, Pahlish. Not only do they churn out some of the most unique glitters, color combos, and microflakey polishes, they also make a mean holo (and sometimes even a combo of some of the previously listed!). Aside from their stellar color choices, they have a wide variety of fangirl inducing names  i.e. a whole bunch of song refrences from Ben Gibbard, DCFC, Neutral Milk Hotel, a whole Great Gatsby collection, etc. And just recently they released a whole slew of Doctor Who inspired polishes, a collection so lovely and large that they released it in two parts with two different monthly duo's to boot. Today I have "The Ghost Shift" from their All Of Time and Space collection.

The Ghost Shift is described on Pahlish's website as a "darkened silver holographic with gunmetal grey and iridescent purple microflakes that pop out in lower lighting, while the holographic effect is stronger in bright lighting." I found the flakies really dance in the holographic flame and give almost a tealish hue to the overall color.

Here in indoor lighting you can see how gunmetal grey it really is. If you move your fingers just right you can see the burst of the purple microflakies as well. It's such a neat polish because it's kinda in your face and subtle all at once, and has a lot of nuances to it once you get it on your fingers.
HOWEVER, I really, REAAALLLLY feel like this baby comes to life in the sun. It shows off a smoldering grey holo with a flecked metallic finish, to a clean linear holo, and all kinds of crazy I-don't-know-what.

As far as formula goes, I found it a bit more difficult to work with than my other Pahlish's but no less lovely and it was smoothed down with some top coat! All photo's shown are 2 coats with a generous coat of quick dry topcoat.  I can't say much more about this beautiful polish other than if you want it, you can buy it at their Pahlish big cartel site. They generally restock every Friday at 7pm central!