Thursday, September 25, 2014

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer "Spirit-Mint" Fall 2014 Collection

This post is serious. Seriously full of more amazing fall holo awesomeness from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer. This whole collection is flawless and covers a large range of color pallets for fall- frosty, deep, dark colors, sultry burgundy colors, rich pumpkin colors, and a festive glitter topper among others. Today I have a sort-of-not-typical-but-still-appropriate color to show you. This guy is a glowy, creamy mint holo with a glint of gold and is called "Spirit-Mint". I know you're probably thinking "wtf, a mint color for fall?" but it is so refreshing and almost a neutral color. I'm pretty pumped to have this among all the other burgundy, burnt orange, and gold polishes for fall. Enough of my blabbing, this is Spirit-Mint!

I love how the green is super subtle. It's not a "HI I AM GREEN" polish, but you can definitely tell it has hints of minty goodness in there. The golden flash is really easy to pick up in all lighting and I really love this one in the sun.

In the sun you can see how linear the holo is in Spirit-Mint. The flame is present in all lighting situations too which is my favorite kind of holo. This guy could almost be passed off as a neutral since it is so delicate and ethereal. All photos here and above show 3 coats plus on topcoat.
As I was painting this, and by request of the lovely creator of Octopus Party Nail Lacquer, I decided to compare this little beauty to Enchanted Polish "A Little Fishy Told Me" since they're both soft mint holos.
In this lighting they looked pretty darn close. But I can assure you that the blue flecks in Enchanted Polish, along with the more blue leaning base really made it different than Spirit-Mint. Spirit-Mint has a much more typical holographic base that leans greener and a tighter linear holographic flame as well as a beautiful gold sheen. Fishy is more crème based and has blue flecks throughout with a looser linear holographic effect. This shows 3 coats of each, no topcoat.


On the left is the EP, and on the left is OPNL. I think the macros really help you see the difference in both the level of holo and the flecks of color in these polishes. I think they're definitely distinguishable and it's worth owning both of them because...own all the pretties.

As far as formula goes, Spirit-Mint needed 3 coats and dried really quickly (in a good way). Wear is great and I had no application issues at all with this baby! This with the rest of the Fall 2014 collection is dropping (September 26th 12PM EDT) in literally two hours over at Etsy so be sure to check it out! There are really no bad colors in the collection.
Until next time lovelies!

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