Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer "Tealing Me Softly" Pshiiit Exclusive


I recently celebrated a birthday. I didn't wanna make a huge deal of it, primarily because I just turned 25 and for some reason that just sounds loads older than 24. That didn't stop my lovely friend Megan from Almost Famous Nails from sneaking me a little birthday nail mail by having a little something sent to me from a group order! What I got was "Tealing Me Softly" the Pshiiit Lilypad Lacquer exclusive. I also got a major polish boner as well! Let me show you the heavenly beauty. 


Mmm yeahhh.... This is so minty and refreshing. Super sparkly and so delicately holo but still linear. I felt like I was floating on air everytime I looked at my nails! 


Once I got this baby in the sun that's when the delicate nature really started to show! I love how soft and airy and whimsical the color and holo are together. 



Yeahhhh this macro lens will be the death of me. But here you can see the holo and shimmer swimming in the teal base and it's giving me the polish feels all over. All. Over. 

For the formula I have to say it was superb! No streakiness and dry time was perfect. I can't wait to use this again! 

Until next time, lovelies! 

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