Monday, August 18, 2014

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer "Thermogram"

Hey all!!

I have a delicious, insanely  linear holo polish from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer called "Thermogram" to show you. It's such a super holo that it was possibly burning my retina with its awesomeness. Thermogram was part if the July Indie Go Box and is a soft purple, silver leaning holographic polish. Enough jabbering and on to the photos!


See seeeeee it's so holo ahhhh! This is just two coats plus one coat of topcoat. No dulling at all!

And here Thermogram really shows off her holo and purple and everything in the beautiful sun! I just loved how the color played off the holo in these shots.

Did I mention that I recently purchased a macro lens? And of course that means that  lately I have been in "MACRO ALL THE THINGS!!" Mode. Well I decided that I needed to macro this too. I mean, honestly? Why wouldn't I? 

                                                               I just. Can't. So much holo! 

As far as formula goes, it was like butter! And wore for 3 days with no chipping, *schwing*. If you're feeling the itch for some fancy polishes, hit up Octopus Party on Etsy! Unfortunately this one is no longer available but there are still tons of gorgeous polishes waiting to be bought! 

Until next time, readers! 

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