Friday, August 29, 2014

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer "Gold Crush Duo"

I dunno about you, but I am really ready for fall. Fall everything. Pumpkins, lattes, candles, cool, crisp air, burlap decor yadda yadda. In Arizona, especially in Scottsdale, Fall is something you kinda have to create for yourself seeing as how it's about 90 in October still. So when Dave over at Octopus Party Nail Lacquer unveiled this hella sparkly, golden cider, double rainbow duo I kinda spazzed. And maybe flailed a little. The duo consists of a golden apple cider colored holo jelly named "Gold Vibrations" and an insanely holo packed glitter topper called "Glow For the Gold". Not only are the polishes to die for, but it comes in a totally adorable bag with the Octopus Party Nail Lacquer logo on it and a totally awesome golden sticker! I'm pretty stoked on this so bear with me, it's pic heavy and I love it!

This shows 3 coats of the jelly holo "Gold Vibrations". The first coat looked pretty sheer but it builds up beautifully to full opacity at 3rd coat. So squishy, holo, and buttery. Here you can see the insanely awesome mini bottle with the adorable label.

I just love this base. I wanted to go grab a caramel apple cider after wearing this. 

Both photos above show the base of "Gold Vibrations" decked out with the topper "Glow For the Gold" and one coat of top coat. This topper is packed to the brim with golden, decadent, glowing holographic hex glitters. It's strange to me because I thought "oh man, gold on gold is gonna be so loud" but honestly it's really, really easy to wear.  And I felt super regal while painting. 

This is the duo, together, in the sun shine. The second photo was taken in the morning, and the first one was during the afternoon when the sun is a bit warmer looking in AZ. I love how even with the glitter topper you  can still see the linear holo shining through, saying "hey you, I'm still here!" Glow With the Gold really slaps you in the face and the holo glitters really pop all over the place. Much sparkle, very glint.

I wanted to show you all how pretty this was in the shade too. It's so unique looking and I love how the gold glitter really shows. The second photo here shows it a bit blurred so you can really see how much holo Glow With the Gold packs.

Above is a macro of Gold Vibrations alone, and then Glow With the Gold over it. Obviously this duo was just so perfectly created. The colors totally compliment each other and really play off one another's beauty

As far as formula goes, Gold Vibrations (the jelly holo) is sheer but so very buildable. I didn't really feel the need to topcoat it alone and loved the golden caramel cider color. Dry time was perfect! Glow With the Gold is a glitter and I had absolutely no issues. It applied easily and evenly. I only needed one coat for the pictures above. Dry time was perfect as well on this one. 

If you're convinced you need golden nails of wonder you can purchase the duo here for the full size, and here for the mini size. This is only here in very limited quantities so hurry on over! You will not be disappointed. 

Until next time!

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